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Named after Airstream models, we have created four Bar Packages for your selection.  From “Whirlwind” as a value priced option with focused choices to Ambassador for those who desire a super premium full bar experience.

Our goal is to provide you with the best assortment of beverages for your event at a great value.  We can customize any combination of beverages and create a unique menu for you, but we also realize that some people simply want to choose from preselected packages.

Our primary objective is to make your event a huge success, and we are able to adjust and customize each package to meet your exact needs and make you the perfect host.  Please contact us for pricing information.

WHIRLWIND (Specialty)

Vodka:  n/a

Gin:  n/a

Rum:  n/a

Bourbon:  n/a

Whiskey:  n/a

Scotch:  n/a

Tequila:  n/a

Cognac:  n/a

Bottled Beer:   n/a

Draft Beer:  2 Options

Specialty Cocktails: 1 Call Brand Option

Wine:  2 Options

Bubbly: *Upgrade


Vodka:  Tito’s

Gin:  Beefeater

Rum:  Bacardi Silver

Bourbon:  Jack Daniel’s

Whiskey:  Jameson

Scotch:  Dewar’s

Tequila:  Cazadores Silver

Cognac:  Jacques Bonnet

Bottled Beer:   See Below

Draft Beer:  1 Option

Specialty Cocktails: *Upgrade

Wine:  Selected Red & White

Bubbly: *Upgrade


Vodka:  Ketel One

Gin:  Bombay Sapphire

Rum:  Brugal Anejo

Bourbon:  Bulleit

Whiskey:  Crown Royal

Scotch:  Johnnie Red

Tequila:  Herradura Silver

Cognac:  Hennessy VS

Bottled Beer:   See Below

Draft Beer:  2 Options

Specialty Cocktails: 1 Option

Wine:  Selected Red & White

Bubbly:  *Upgrade


Vodka:  Hangar One

Gin:  Hendrick’s

Rum:  Barbancourt 8 Year

Bourbon:  Four Rose’s Small Batch

Whiskey:  Red Breast 12 year

Scotch:  Johnnie Black

Tequila:  Patron Reposado

Cognac:  Hennessy VSOP

Bottled Beer:   See Below

Draft Beer:  2 Options

Specialty Cocktails: 2 Options

Wine:  Selected Red & White

Bubbly:  Selected Sparkling Wine

Additional Information

Current Draft Beer Options:  Racer 5 IPA, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Fort Point Kolsch Style Ale, Budweiser, 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat (seasonal), Lagunitas IPA or PILS, Drake’s Hefeweizen, PBR, Sierra Nevada

Other Draft and Bottle Beer Producers:  We have wonderful relationships with many local brewers and are more than happy to source out your favorite beer.  Just ask and we will do the rest.

Bottled Beers: In an effort to do our part for the environment, we do not promote bottled beers for our events.  However, we are more than happy to provide you with options to meet your needs.

“Whirlwind” Specialty Package:  A great option for many parties, showcasing a limited but fun menu with 1 specialty call tier cocktail, 2 draft beers and 2 wines.  We can add additional cocktails for an additional fee. This package serves the purpose of providing tremendous value.

Included Mixers: Triple sec, sweet & sour, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, Rose’s grenadine, Rose’s lime juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, salt, limes, lemons, cherries, olives, onions, coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, sparkling water, tonic water, still water & ice.

*Upgrade: For an additional fee, you may add this option to your package.  Contact us for specific pricing. Please note comparable brands may be substituted within above packages. *Wine and Champagne served at the bar only, and only by the glass.  Table service by the full bottle available for additional fee.

All packages subject to change or similar substitution.